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Chuck’s Seafood is a family owned business started in 1953 by Chuck and Alberta McGeorge as primarily a retail counter, smoke house, and custom cannery that canned salmon and tuna for sports fisherman.

Jack and Diana Hampel bought the business in 1980. Three sons virtually grew up in the business and all three are working in the business today. Heath Hampel manages the market and cannery and Jess Hampel runs our Oyster farm.

The business has changed and grown over the years, we do more commercial canning and processing today, but we still do much of the same as the business did when it began.

We are still using our old fashion smokehouse that is fired with our native Alder Wood.

We have a complete selection of our local canned products for sale by individual cans, cases, or made up in gift boxes. Our canned goods can be shipped via FedEx Ground and our perishables by FedEx Air.

In the early 1980s we began growing our own oysters and by 1992 we purchased a new site for the oyster business and created Coos Bay Oyster Company.  We shuck our own oysters for our market every day. If you are looking for fresh shucked, in shell for BBQ, or fresh smoked, we have them.

We strive to put out the best products available. There are only two ways to achieve that goal, and that is to use the very best products available and to process it as fresh as possible. Our location here on the bay and having our own cannery enables that.

We are located in Charleston, Oregon. We are about 8 miles west of Coos Bay, Oregon so if you’re driving the Oregon Coast, we invite you to stop and look around.

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